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Dr. Vidurath Mayadunne MB, FRCP, Consultant Physician

Dr. Michael Johnson, Dphil, FRACP, FRCP, Consultant Neurologist

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For clarity and expertise in unexplained “funny turns”: faints, blackouts, dizzy spells, collapses, falls and seizures.

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We are a group of consultant physicians based at Wexham Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Berkshire UK and Charing Cross Hospital London available for private consultations at  Princess Margaret Hospital in Windsor, Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead  and Spire Hospital in Gerrards Cross.

Our  primary specialty area is unexplained blackouts in adults. They are a heterogeneous group of disorders manifesting  as transient loss of consciousness (TLOC), collapses, seizures, vacant episodes, periods of confusion, faints, or   unexplained falls in the elderly which are commonly referred to as “Funny Turns”.

The differential diagnosis of episodes of TLOC can be straightforward (as in a simple faint) but can also present some of the greatest diagnostic difficulties. Where there is uncertainty about the precise cause of the blackout, rigorous investigation is justified since both undiagnosed cardiac syncope and untreated epilepsy may be life-threatening.

Where there is diagnostic difficulty, the assessment requires expert neurological and cardiac investigations, including  Echocardiography, ambulatory cardiac monitoring, EEG, brain imaging and Tilt Testing.





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