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Dr. Vidurath Mayadunne MB, FRCP, Consultant Physician

Dr. Michael Johnson, Dphil, FRACP, FRCP, Consultant Neurologist

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Clinical Staff

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The following are routine tests carried out in the pathway of diagnosing the cause of blackouts. All the cardiac investigations are carried out by Windsor Cardiology Group based at Princes Margaret Hospital, Windsor, Berkshire.


This is a routine investigations for  all causes of blackouts. An abnormal tracing would indicate further monitoring of the heart for a prolonged period of time and other more specific investigations.

This is a non invasive investigation to identify frequent heart rhythm problems. Similarly blood pressure can be monitored to identify low and high episodes.

This is another state of the art specific invasive test to explore unexplained blackouts through continuous heart rate monitoring for several months. This is a valuable test when infrequent arrhythmias are suspected.

This is a state of the art non invasive  test to see the continuous blood pressure and heart rate changes during upright posture. It allows to understand the mechanics of certain unexplained blackouts especially in fit and healthy young people as well as in other age groups.

This is a non invasive test to see the pumping action and the valvular function of the heart. This test would rule out structural abnormalities associated with serious rhythm problems causing faints with some degree of certainty .

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Head-Up Tilt test

Implantable loop recorder (ILR)

Ambulatory monitoring of Heart rate/Blood Pressure