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Dr. Vidurath Mayadunne MB, FRCP, Consultant Physician

Dr. Michael Johnson, Dphil, FRACP, FRCP, Consultant Neurologist

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Clinical Staff

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These are more specific tests carried out to identify the aetiology of blackouts.

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The imaging of the brain is essential in diagnosing gait disorders and falls which are common with increasing age and to diagnose other  rare causes of collapses. Together with imaging of major neck vessels the test gives a clear understanding of strokes and TIA.

This investigation is essential in identifying rare causes of structural heart diseases presenting as blackouts.

The coronary angiography provides useful information about obstructive lesions in coronary arteries, which may be the underlying cause for exercise induced blackouts.

This is a crucial investigation in strokes and mini strokes. It allows to identify the narrowing of major arteries in the neck.

Electroencephalogram (EEG)

Coronary Angiography

Cardiac MRI

Brain Imaging (CT/MRI scanning)

Doppler Ultrasound Scanning

Specific Investigations