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Dr. Vidurath Mayadunne MB, FRCP, Consultant Physician

Dr. Michael Johnson, Dphil, FRACP, FRCP, Consultant Neurologist

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Clinical Staff

Clinical Staff

Clinical Staff

The following are the main areas of clinical interests we like to see and provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment.

Clinical services

The term blackout entails  a heterogeneous group of disorders due to problems in  heart rhythm, blood pressure, heart valve function, medications, failing autonomic system or even seizures . The commonest presentation is transient loss of consciousness (TLOC) but history and examination are not always reliable therefore detailed investigations are necessary to diagnose the condition accurately . These investigations include echocardiography, heart monitoring tests, EEG, brain imaging and Tilt Testing.


Epilepsy remains primarily a clinical diagnosis, and is an easy misdiagnosis to make. Distinguishing seizures from syncope can be near impossible in some cases, and even in simpler situations where the presence of presyncopal symptoms and a rapid recovery from unconsciousness make it easier not to diagnose epilepsy, it is still possible to be misled by an episode of incontinence or inaccurate descriptions by eyewitnesses.

Seizures, Vacant episodes & Confusion

Dizziness entails a broad list of possibilities, including cardiovascular ( postural hypotension, valvular heart diseases, arrhythmias, heart failure, reflex syncope, carotid sinus hypersensitivity), neurological ( post head injury, parkinsonism, strokes, peripheral neuropathy, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis), vestibular ( Meniere’s disease, Benign positional vertigo, Migraine) . More commonly these could be related to side effects of medications, anemia , depression, anxiety or undiagnosed serious condition. Detailed history and examination is essential.

Dizziness, Giddiness and Feeling Faint